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[외국계기업] 물류영업(과장~차장급)
■  기본정보
포지션 물류영업(과장~차장급)
회 사 외국계기업 직 급 과장 ~ 차장
외국어 영어 수준 : 중 연령/성별 무관
진행절차 서류전형 -> 1차면접 ->2차면접 마감일 채용시
■  상세정보
-New Logistics & Transportation Business Development (New Clients or new traffics)
-Sales Lead with existing clients and prospects
-Generate offers and proposals on Logistics service (Warehousing & Domestic Transportation)
-Quotations to potential customers
-Design new logistics solution and service as needed from customers
-Manage profitability(Budget/Cost/Revenue/Operating Profit, etc.) of existing customers
-Prepare Logistics Contract and SOP(Standard Operation Procedure)
-Discuss, analyze and evaluate customer requirements and specification
-Logistics contract negotiation with customers and vendors
-Monitors all commercial aspects of the logistics business (ex. Account Receivable, Account Payable, Credit Term, etc.)
-Logistics market research for new business development
-Provides functional or business process leadership on logistics business development
-Reports on a regular basis to management (Local/Region)

-물류회사 근무경력 보유
-Field Sales 경험 보유
-Warehouse(창고) 및 Trucking(운송) 영업경험 보유
-중급 이상의 영어실력 보유
■  담당컨설턴트 정보
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